It's been

since Richard Irvin launched his campaign for governor.

Yet he’s still refusing to answer questions on the biggest issues dominating the GOP primary


Opposing Abortion

Being Bankrolled
by GOP Megadonor Ken Griffin

"Not surprised to see the establishment already cuddling up with a career Democrat like Irvin."


"We knew from the beginning that fake-Republican governor candidate Irvin is a bought-and-paid-for candidate."

"It’s true, we don’t have the money that other people do. I am the only Republican in this race who has won an election against a Democrat when I was outspent."

"God alone is the kingmaker."

Denouncing Jan. 6th

"The GOP should stand up for our Republican president, and stand against the years-long, nonstop personal and political assault against him led by an out-of-touch Democrat party."


"I’m not smart enough to understand what was the end result, whether it was stolen or not, and I would never say that."

"Those who "chose to break the law … should be held accountable."

"People who break the law should be prosecuted, period."

Supporting Trump

"I’m 100% pro-life and I will fight to restore parental notification, end taxpayer-funded abortion, and protect life in Illinois."

On exemptions for cases of rape or incest: "Right now, my answer is no."


Supported groups opposed to abortion rights.

"I did vote for President Trump both in 2016 and 2020. I do not regret that vote at all."

On no abortions except for the life of the mother. "Yeah, that’s a personal belief"

“I stand with President Trump!”


"I was one of the largest donors in Illinois to the Trump campaign and I have never voted in a Democratic Primary."

"We need to change our culture so that abortion becomes unthinkable."

“If you’re looking for Donald Trump’s policies in the state of Illinois, I’m your guy”

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Richard Irvin

Gary Rabine

Paul Schimpf

Jesse Sullivan


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